Smallpools & Circa Waves Comparison

While analysing Smallpools’ music video for Dreaming, I looked into the background of the band themselves. In fact Circa Waves and Smallpools are marketed in very similar ways. The promotional images below are a strong indicator of this:       This similarity indicates the products of Smallpools will be a suitable inspiration for my construction … More Smallpools & Circa Waves Comparison

Who Are My Audience?

After conducting research into audiences and audience theory (Posts: Audience Theory: Hall’s Reception Theory, Audience Theory: The Hypodermic Needle Theory, The Diffusion of The Law of Innovation) I am now able to determine my audience. The audience for the band, and thus my music video and promotional material, are usually male, although many are female, of an age … More Who Are My Audience?

Representation in Music Videos: A Basic Overview

What is representation? Broadly, representation is the way of constructing ‘reality’. I say that in inverted commas as we know how far from true media’s reality is. Through representation and the reshaping of reality, the media can feed people more of what they want/like; and one thing we as humans like is consistency. This continuity … More Representation in Music Videos: A Basic Overview

Lip Syncing

Lip syncing is used almost always when a music video features an element of performance. The term (short for lip synchronisation) refers to the matching of pre-recorded vocals to lip movements, in this case on film.   Performing/recording a lip sync Multiple sources have al insisted on there being two main, essential factors to a … More Lip Syncing