Digipak Template

Here is the template created on Photoshop for making my digipak. The following dimensions have been used (taken from professional digipak printing services): Front Cover: 13.95cm x 12.55cm Back Cover: 13.95cm x 12.55cm   CD Holder: 13.84cm x 12.55cm Pocket: 13.84cm x 12.55cm   300 Pixels per inch.   Advertisements

The Narrative Aspect

Following my initial storyboard, I thought it would be highly useful to briefly list the order that events occur in the story to reference later, both when developing my storyboard and within the post-production stages. It also allows me to conduct audience research without revealing much of my intentions for the promotional video. Order of … More The Narrative Aspect

Shooting Locations

Whicham Valley Road Catherine’s House – Bedroom My House – Party Lighthouse and Seawall White Rock – Beach White Rock – Headland Market Street – Wall and Street Millom School Swimming Pool

Who Are My Audience?

After conducting research into audiences and audience theory (Posts: Audience Theory: Hall’s Reception Theory, Audience Theory: The Hypodermic Needle Theory, The Diffusion of The Law of Innovation) I am now able to determine my audience. The audience for the band, and thus my music video and promotional material, are usually male, although many are female, of an age … More Who Are My Audience?