The Narrative Aspect

Following my initial storyboard, I thought it would be highly useful to briefly list the order that events occur in the story to reference later, both when developing my storyboard and within the post-production stages. It also allows me to conduct audience research without revealing much of my intentions for the promotional video.

Order of events:

  1. Hears tone.
  2. Wakes up.
  3. Checks phone – Date is Thursday 21st July. Time 14:32. Text reads from ‘Catherine McNally’ “Wanna so something?” Screen saver is picture of the sea. Phone screen is partially cracked.
  4. Gets up.
  5. Pulls on black skinny jeans that were on the floor.
  6. Goes to wardrobe.
  7. Looks through a selection of white and summery tops.
  8. Picks out oversized white t-shirt.
  9. Grabs keys and a £10 note.
  10. Leaves house
  11. Opens car (small, young drivers’ car).
  12. Gets in.
  13. Picks friend up from a street corner.
  14. They drive to the beach.
  15. Looks up to top of lighthouse.
  16. Sits on sea wall swinging legs
  17. Climbs down to waters edge.
  18. Throws rocks into sea.
  19. Now sat down, talking and laughing with friend.
  20. Splashes around in the water as the sun is dropping low.
  21. Back in car. Time now 17:51.
  22. Arrives at hose party.
  23. Drinks “fly” as group ‘cheers’.
  24. Crowd parts as “trouble stirs”.
  25. plays beer pong on kitchen table.
  26. Loses and has to drink. Then goes dizzy. Leaves room.
  27. Mood improves on walking into room filled with balloons.
  28. Videos the room on Snapchat and uploads to story. Time 12:28.
  29. Leaves the house looking at the stars.
  30. Walks down a quite terraced street and on garden walls.
  31. Someone picks locks to a swimming pool.
  32. Everyone jumps in. Cannonballs.
  33. Everyone is messing around, having a good time.
  34. Cut to spinning on roundabout at the park.
  35. Goes on swings.
  36. Walks up over the embankment to beach.
  37. Things slow and the sun begins to break the horizon.
  38. At home, throws keys and small change on the table. Take off t-shirt and jeans.
  39. Flops into bed.
  40. Checks phone.
  41. Sleeps.
  42. Another text tone, wakes up looking at ceiling.
  43. Gets up and dressed, choosing black jeans and a white t-shirt.
  44. Closes wardrobe.

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