Who Are My Audience?

After conducting research into audiences and audience theory (Posts: Audience Theory: Hall’s Reception TheoryAudience Theory: The Hypodermic Needle TheoryThe Diffusion of The Law of Innovation) I am now able to determine my audience.

The audience for the band, and thus my music video and promotional material, are usually male, although many are female, of an age 17-23. At this age, they are just starting out in life, finding themselves and experimenting. My video should reflect their lack of responsibility and ability to live moderately freely.

Social media plays a huge role in the lives of people of this age. Living very much online, accessing new material daily, my product would reach the audience through the internet directly –  a one-step flow. The online activities of my audience will be recorded and analysed in ‘big data analytics’, meaning they can be fed more of what they like, such as music from a genre.

Furthermore, the age of my audience means they are less likely to be aware of the superpower that is the media and how it can influence their behaviour. Consequently, they will probably take the preferred reading of the text; the producer wants these people to relate to what is being depicted.

As for gender, my audience will be primarily female, although still made up of a high number of males. As a result, my video should feature mainly girls or my audiences age and be more feminine. Despite this, it is worth considering that the listeners to alternative music tend to stray from societal norm in the sense girls tend to refrain from all things ‘glittery’, ‘pink’ or ‘pretty’.

Moving on to nationality, I anticipate on producing my work as a British, to be distributed majorly in the UK, so I will have a British audience. Due to this my work should be set in Britain and denote our culture, in order to make the works relatable and effective.

Nearly 90% of the UK population are white, so understandably, my potential audience will also be primarily white. After further reading, I concluded it is also the white demographic who interact most with the alternative music scene, meaning, again, my products should represent this demographic.

After looking into psychographics, I can say my audience will most likely be ‘Explorers’. These people are often young, students and have great freedom – something I have already determined my audience has. With this group focusing on instant gratification, adventure, energy and experience, my products should be vibrant, fresh and new, and offer compliment to the life they lead/wish to lead.








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