Choosing A Song

Over the past few years, a steady increases has been observed in the popularity of musical genres outside pop; the main of these being dance and alternative. In an effort to ensure that my product (if it was to actually enter the market) would sell well and be successful, it is logical to produce it within one of these genres. The increasing demand for these genres mean the target audience is already wider, increasing sale opportunity. But which genre do I choose?

In order to answer this question, the potential scope within each genre should be assessed. The alternative genre covers more sub-genres than dance and hold more personal appeal; I have much more experience with such bands and relate more to their music et cetera. For these reasons my song will be alternative.Within this genre, music produced is done so on a wide variety of budgets. At the bottom of the cost spectrum are independent bands, whom are known for their low budget so for this reason I shall pick a song that can pass for being indie.

Furthermore, logic suggests that the smaller the band, the more likely i am to receive permission to use the track.

Given all of these requirements, as well as an element of personal preference, I will be requesting permission to use the song “T-Shirt Weather” by Circa Waves. This is a upbeat song, in which the concept for a video is relatively clear – being young, spending time with your friends with the sun blaring down. The song has lo-fi elements, commonly associated with indie music, so would be well complimented by a low-fi video.

My permissions request for this song can be found here.


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