The Impact of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

The Bohemian Rhapsody. A phrase with meaning so influential its quite astounding. Firstly, the 1975 song itself was a ground-breaking mash-up of many contrapuntal musical genres, so its easy to see why it already had such an impact, even more so when paired with its video.

The video for the song, seen here, features the band in near darkness as they singing with a harsh light from above. After the fading up of the lights, shots of the band playing their various instruments are shown, followed by the near darkness shot again. A video of a stage performance then accompanies the hard rock section. According to multiple sources, all special effects were applied at the time of filming and the whole video was produced of a budget of under £5000 the week before broadcast. This makes the success of the song even more surprising given the little expenditure that was required to produce it.

This video, made so the band did not have to appear live on television show Top of The Pops, was so exceptionally successful that it is viewed by many as the “original promotional clip”. The fame of this video was the first of small few that founded the need for MTV, which would first air 6 years later.

Furthermore, this video is still influential in today’s society, over 4 decades later. Articles from the likes of The Mirror newspaper would not even exist if the video was not as impactful. See this article here. Similarly, the spin-off of the video in the film Wayne’s World was received positively due to the long term impact of the video of the film industry.

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